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Angry Birds has taken flight as the number one video game on the market today

Every once in a while, a video game hits the market that appeals to all types of gamer, regardless of age, gender, or favorite game genre. Angry Birds is one of those games. Since its launch in December 2009, its Finland-based development company, Rovio Mobile, has sold more than 13 million copies.

The game was originally created for Apple’s iOS system, but has since been enhanced to be compatible with many other touchscreen smartphones. Versions of Angry Birds for personal computers and game consoles are now also available. Angry Birds is being touted as the most addictive video game on the market, mainly due to its clever and fun style and entertaining animation, along with the fact that it only costs around a dollar to download, maybe $ 3 for the HD version.

The premise of Angry Birds is pretty simple. It is a puzzle video game, and the objective is to destroy a group of evil pigs by throwing birds with a slingshot. Manage to kill all the pigs before exhausting the supply of birds and you can advance to the next level. Sounds silly? It is, that’s why it’s flying off the virtual shelves with a current count of roughly 100 million downloads.

The objective also gets a little more far-fetched: as the main player, you are in control of a flock of crazy-looking birds, each a different color, in search of golden eggs that have been stolen and hidden by the mischievous pigs. Depending on its color, each bird has a super power. For example, bluebirds can divide into three birds at once, yellow birds have bionic distance, black birds can self-combine, and greenbirds can boomerang.

When found, each golden egg reveals a special purpose. For example, finding a particular golden egg can unlock a crazy new level of play, another can unleash a new series of pigs, and another will present you with a physics-based puzzle that you must solve to advance further. in the game. Of course, if you come to a standstill and just can’t find another golden egg, you can always fly online where you’ll find hundreds of tips, tricks, and cheats posted by other Angry Birds junkies. You can also start an Angry Bird tour where you will be guided through different settings and levels and shown where and how you can discover each of the golden eggs.

The creation of Angry Birds is an interesting story. It was developed at the time when the swine flu epidemic was flooding the media, and that is why the villains of the game are the pigs. Since its inception, a second version has been released: “Angry Birds: Rio”, as well as several Christmas versions. There is also talk about a possible movie or TV series based on Angry Birds!

Angry Birds is the latest runaway hit in the gaming world. It offers gamers some much-needed and fun diversion from everyday life, and the best part may be that it’s so cheap!

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