Duct Cleaner Review: 6 Jet Reverse Skipper Balls

The ever popular inverted skipper ball has many different varieties. Today there are a handful of more popular options that we will talk about in this article. You just can’t do a quality air duct cleaning job without the right employer. Here are some of your options.

The main 6 jet reverse pattern is made from aluminum, it is a reverse blow table pattern that can accommodate less than 150 PSI and comes with a 1/4 inch hose barb already attached. This is your utility pattern that can be used over and over again. You can order via heat sealing and a number of different amounts each step will save you a bit of money when buying in bulk.

The next pattern is a reverse blown pattern that has plastic instead of aluminum. This reverse jumper is perfect for light jobs like dryer vents and flexible ducting in new construction homes. In fact, I just used one on a dryer vent that had multiple elbows and ended up getting to the end of the line with no problem. I love my light plastic pattern.

Next in line is a reverse blow spending pattern. You heard me right. I said going through the holes in this pattern was a nifty board to cause a rotating action within the air ducts so you can contact every wall every inch every time with this uniquely designed pattern. I haven’t used the spinner yet, but I have one on order that I’m looking forward to receiving. Marketing material says it can travel 40 feet through five cubits and more. If they can do all of that and still spend and I’m happy with just my natural reverse blower, I can’t wait.

You must have inverted patterns in your arsenal because you will be using them every day. You can find a wide variety of patterns available from heat sealing equipment and they are all reasonably priced, with the rotary model being the most expensive at $32. Still, when it comes down to it, $32 for a quality pattern doesn’t sound like much. a lot of money.

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