Gold and Silver Home Businesses: The Future of Network Marketing is Here

Ask anyone you know about the economy and they’ll likely tell you at least one economic disaster story. People are losing their jobs. At the time of this writing, one in every 10 cars passing on the interstate has an unemployed driver. Speaking of cars, General Motors just posted a $4.3 billion loss for the July-December 2009 period. So when financial futures are mentioned, most people aren’t very optimistic.

Hold on to your retirement fund (what little is left of it), because there is new hope. A new era in Network Marketing quietly arrived in August 2009. A new company now provides anyone with the ability to create wealth, accumulate wealth, and collect wealth in a way that it will soon prove to overcome – the fragile and sometimes even fraudulent claims of today’s retirement funds.

This new company is called Numis Network. Numis has combined the wealth-building aspects of network marketing with the proven wealth-building history of gold and silver graded and certified numismatic coins.

Let me be clear: Numis Network Numismatic coins are NOT investments, they are collectibles!

Do not confuse these gold and silver coins with the bullion coin market. The value of bullion coins is very volatile and risky compared to certified gold and silver numismatic coins.

You might be wondering: why would anyone create a network marketing company that trades coins? Because the time has come.

Here’s why Numis Network is simply the best home business for anyone:

Numismatics is a $100 billion a year industry worldwide. In the US alone, it’s a $10 billion industry. In my own personal experience, I saw my dad buy numismatic coins throughout his life. After his death, I was surprised to find that his vast collection of numismatic collectibles had increased in value. Over time, his coins were worth 3 to 5 times what he had paid for them. Many of these coins were less than five years old.

Network marketing continues to produce many new millionaires each year. Warren Buffet, Robert Kiyosaki, and Donald Trump have all announced their support and praise for network marketing. The combined global network marketing industry was recently valued at more than $114 billion a year. Most network marketing companies sell juices or services that are ‘consumable’. Once you drink or use it, it goes away. There is no residual value for them.

A numismatic coin is an asset, not an investment. I repeat: a numismatic coin is NOT an investment. However, it can be used as collateral for a loan because it is an asset. This is the one “product” anyone would love to have a garage full of.

The founders of Numis Network are experienced Network Marketers. They have already made their fortunes. So why are they building a new company? One of the co-founders told me recently that he came out of retirement to start Numis, as a way to help save the world economy. Because network marketing has enriched his life in ways he could never have imagined, he wanted to give back to the industry and the world.

With Numis Network, you can start your own business from home, with very little start-up cost. Their “product” is a certified, graded numismatic collectible coin (priced below retail). It is not an “investment”, it is an Asset.

Assets have a known value, investments do not. There are no training, no product “demos” or “samples” required because everyone recognizes the value of money. No other franchise or network marketing company can offer a home-based business that builds wealth and provides wealth-building gold and silver assets at the same time.

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