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Stainless steel in your kitchen

If you are a cookware person, you may want to consider using stainless steel in your kitchen as a primary design material. For a cozy and calm look, you should choose a matte finish. If you love the ultra-modern look, opt for high-gloss polished stainless steel.

Your cabinets would look good done with simple, lighter woods and with style. All or maybe just part of the stainless steel backsplash (around the stove) and stainless steel appliances will be great, when tempered a bit with some granite counter tops.

I see this kitchen done in greys, beiges, grays and of course some black or white. If you go for the WOW look, is the tabletop also stainless steel? But the chairs should be a combination of light wood, comfortable seats, and stainless steel legs.

White walls, ceiling and floor are recommended for a modern look, and light gray or beige with a matte finish for a softer approach. Light, hardwood or bamboo floors would be beautiful. Add a colorful, boldly patterned rug in front of the sink. If your kitchen is spacious, a nice rug under the table would be fun.

A light wicker centerpiece, with lush green leaves, will soften it up a bit. Place them on top of cabinets too. Flowers should be fresh or silk, not dried, in whatever color you want to use for accents. Arrange them asymmetrically, to keep the theme simple. A black wall clock or some colorful collectibles could be used as an element of surprise. This accessory will add the perfect touch of warmth to your stainless steel kitchen!

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