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Tea "Quantum leap" Change process and tips


A quantum leap is equivalent to a major change from a given state to a very different one. It represents a process of transformation, a metamorphosis, a total renewal, a radical change, this in the face of gradual or incremental change or improvement. A quantum leap change is a great event. A quantum leap involves encompassing a series of proven conventional routes to get directly to a specific destination. Hence, it is a paradigm shift, looking for novel shorter courses to reach a distant goal. A quantum leap is often accompanied by creative and novel thinking and a challenge to the unknown. A quantum leap is a journey into unknown territories and an unknown future.

A quantum leap change is also equivalent to a rapid change, therefore it is more of an energetic event, this versus the extended process of incremental change. It’s basically about running over time. A quantum leap can be seen as a rapid transformation to cope much better with a newly emerged landscape. It is the optimal combination for future situations. It has to be fast, as it is a transition phase in which everything is changing!

A quantum leap change can be on a personal or professional level, but in fact we see that many organizations and companies go through the process, and it is even becoming popular in the process of changing economies, nations and regions. The quantum leap change approach is becoming more popular and indeed more imperative in light of the ever-increasing pace of change in new millennium global market environments and increasing competition, but certainly in the wake of the revelations of the global financial crisis and deficiencies. discovered in ancient systems. This is the age of quantum leaps, and the trend is towards perpetual transformations and constant renewals!


A quantum leap approach may seem much more complex, expensive, and risky than a safe gradual upgrade, but it turns out that the quantum leap is much more economically feasible than the gradual approach. Gradual approaches are the guarantors of falling behind in the great race, lagging behind the fleets of advanced countries. The gradual approach is possibly initially cheaper and easier to implement, but in the long run it implies a lack of competitive strength and therefore a loss. Many emerging countries are taking a quantum leap stance in their development. The science of change and accelerated change is advancing rapidly, and managing such complex and rapid processes is becoming quite simple and therefore cheaper. New strategic approaches are emerging to cope with the increased dynamism of the environment. A quantum leap can be considered a transition phase that is relatively difficult, but will ensure smooth conditions after the trip. Rather, incremental improvement is usually a comfortable journey followed by a hard continued existence.


Different criteria must be met to ensure a successful quantum leap, without too many bumps, regardless of the type of part undergoing the metamorphosis, a person, a company or a nation:

– INTENSIVE RESEARCH: A quantum leap is usually a trip to new unknown territories, a true adventure. To reduce the risk of failure, that is, improve the chances of success and reduce the cost of the trip, it is imperative to have as much data as possible about the destination and about the courses that can be taken. This implies much more intensive research participation than other approaches to change. It is not possible to get 100% data, but it is imperative to improve your investigative skills and get as much data from the field that reflects reality, and not mere assumptions. It is essential to take advantage of all the previous experiences, but also the new strategic plans of similar parties.

– INTENSIVE CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION: This is a very demanding journey into the unknown, requiring superior skills in all aspects. Creative thinking is essential in connection with the quantum leap change, therefore great mental efforts, interacting with the research findings, exploring all possible combinations and options in destinations, but also strategies and structures, business models , etc. It is innovation at its peak.

– INTENSIVE STRATEGIC THINKING: Strategic thinking and strategic planning are essential ingredients in the quantum leap process. It is a transition to a completely new state of affairs; therefore, it is a holistic change that requires a holistic vision and analysis. A developed form of strategic planning is also needed, which can demonstrate a high degree of flexibility to maneuver, with the possibility of changing the vision as well. It is necessary to identify a set of values, that is, fixed points, to draw on during the difficult storm and for orientation.

– PREVIEW AND ANTICIPATION SKILLS DENIED: This is connected with strategic thinking and planning. A quantum leap is a trip to unknown territories in the future too, new developments, and the sharper the vision of the future, the greater the chances of success. What are the likely scenarios? How do we deal with them?

– A VERY CLEAR OBJECTIVE: In addition to some established values, a quantum leap requires the formulation of a very clear objective, which is also specified in a very simple way, which will be the lighthouse, the guide during the hard journey. This clear objective also acts as an accelerator of all efforts, as a unifier of the entire organization. Everyone involved should be able to identify with this goal. It is important not to reveal too many objectives and details, since it is basically an adventure, where priorities can change at any time. It is important to define and keep in mind a primary objective.

– MAKE SURE YOU’RE FIT AND READY: You can’t take the big leap if you’re not strong enough and ready. A quantum leap is a difficult transition, and you need to be fit and ready to ride through the storm without too much damage. Therefore, any part that attempts a quantum leap must recover, that is, be as strong and ready as possible, in terms of structure, resources, plans, etc. Everything costs money and you have to have sufficient funds. You may need a synergy to make it possible; you may need to make full use of your networks. You need all the help you can get. Superior operational planning is essential, in addition to project management skills, which must be quite flexible to deal with unexpected circumstances. One of the main things to strengthen on a personal or organizational level is the power of determination, since a large part will be needed for the quantum leap to be successful. You need to overcome your fears and be as brave as you can be. You have to carry a very high dose of courage. When the going gets tough, only the tough get going.

Basically, it’s about getting as fit as possible before embarking on the journey, strengthening the structure, and testing the limits before moving on. Everything is changing simultaneously during such a process, and one has to have a super effective planning and management system, to avoid ending up in chaos. As with flights to the moon, one should have a checklist and test each component and the entire system many times before trying. Can you handle it? This is also an adventure, and you must have the spirit of adventure and conquest. Furthermore, any party attempting a quantum leap, also on a personal level, should be willing to change drastically. You have to be prepared to change in a big way. Use all the technology available to you. You need big bursts of everything during the transition.

– AS FAST AS POSSIBLE: Everything is changing in a quantum leap process, and it becomes difficult to avoid chaos and keep everything together for a long period of time in a transition phase. Therefore, one has to plan for rapid transition phases, similar metamorphoses. Maximum resources may be required for this to happen. It cannot be dragged in a quantum leap process. Everything could disintegrate.

– BE READY FOR SACRIFICE: Despite the preparations, a journey into the unknown is always a risky business. Therefore, one has to be prepared to take greater risks and suffer losses and sacrifices. The posture could be to make it or make it up. This willingness to sacrifice is essential in the quantum leap shift; otherwise, there is a temptation to cancel it on the first encounter with the challenge. Preparation and getting in shape are expected to reduce this risk. Therefore, one must be prepared for a high level of losses in such transformations and not give up. It only touches you.

THE ELEMENT OF DISCRETION AND SURPRISE: There is so much at stake in a quantum leap shift and it is quite difficult to let unwanted hands get involved, interrupt or interfere. Hence the need to maintain a degree of discretion during the preparation phase, and even implementation.

– LEAVE THE PAST: This is a quantum leap to a new state, to a new world, and it cannot be achieved without profound changes, and therefore, the will to leave the past and start a new existence. The old structures will only hamper the new modes. This is a new existence, and holding on to the past will make it difficult to change and cope with the new situation.

– PROPER CHANGE AND LEADERSHIP TEAMS: If leadership is useful, then it is imperative in quantum leap change. All characteristics of leadership culminate in this process. The right creative and purposeful people must be in place to set out on the journey.

– ADJUSTING TO THE NEW POST-TRANSITION SITUATION: It is quite possible that the people who were in charge of making the quantum leap are not suitable for the relatively settled situation that follows. Everyone involved must show a great degree of flexibility and shift from the inside out to cope with the new environment and situation. Everyone should embrace the new paradigm and make it work, and enjoy it too.

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