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I want to become a Video Vixen! How I can?

Video Vixens are now treated like celebrities in our society and are more relatable to the media than some of our politicians. They receive instant gratification to an elite club that once never existed. Women are turned on by the allure and the attention it instantly brings. Immediately, these girls are catapulted into the spotlight, receiving invitations to the hottest parties, modeling contracts, book deals to write about their escapades, dates with wealthy celebrities, and extreme media coverage.

It seems these days more aspiring models are literally using their bodies to get into the modeling industry. While I don’t think this concept is new, I do think that with the internet and the influx of reality TV, more women are becoming bolder than ever to get attention. They have taken Girls Gone Wild to a different level.

your assets
If you weren’t born with enhanced features, no problem. All one has to do now is go and get some extreme plastic surgery and increase their assets. The bigger your assets, the more fame is sure to come to you. Plastic surgeons once had a conscience, but now it’s all about the money. If you have access to cash, you can get just about any surgery your heart can imagine. If you can’t find a surgeon to do it in the United States, there is always another country where you can probably get the procedure at a discount.

Mission accomplished
Once you have your instant enhancements, you will be considered a featured model in music videos. Once you start making music videos and get more exposure, doors seem to swing open. Some women then move on to acting, calendars, hosting parties, reality shows, etc. Women get their five minutes of fame and some video sluts are able to successfully keep it.

LisaRaye, Melyssa Ford, Karrine Steffans, Coco and Amber Rose are forming Video Vixens which are quite successful today. They were more than a beautiful face and body. They seized the moment and used it as a springboard to go to the next level.

LisaRaye had a brief acting stint and was the First Lady of the Turks and Caicos Islands until her recent public divorce. Melyssa Ford is doing quite well. She is now acting a lot and is working on the production of a couple of movies. In a recent interview, she said that it’s still hard to remove the vixen stigma from videos, even after many years without making music videos. She takes it with tweezers and moves on. Karrine Steffans is a three-time New York Times bestselling author. She continues to write about all of her escapades and is creating her own brand. Her latest book, titled The Vixen Manual: How to Find, Seduce and Keep the Man you Want, is flying off the shelves. Coco is married to former rapper Ice-T and Amber Rose is the on-and-off boyfriend of rapper Kanye West, who just signed with Ford Models, need I say more.

Make sure you live in an area like Miami, New York, or California where the videos are shot. Video Vixens definitely can’t be shy and must be outgoing and their bodies must be in great shape.

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