Do we need support to be successful?

Tonight I was spending time with a friend and business associate. She is a true fighter, very ambitious, intelligent and expert. And don’t worry, I tell him this too.

We were talking about the people around us who support us or who in many ways do not support us. I want to talk about how people who love us have a hard time supporting us and what you do with that.

I’m going to assume we’ve all had friends and family who have said out loud that they think we’re crazy about starting a business. Your comments could go something like this: it’s a bad time, you’ve done all your homework, you have no experience in this field, your life is good now, why ruin it with a new company, most new businesses fail, why what do you think yours? will be successful … could continue, right?

If you’ve had glitches before, and many of us have, these negative feedback that doesn’t support the information might as well be hitting a hot button. And that’s not good.

Then what do you do? It can be difficult to decipher between loving concern, constructive criticism, and clear doubt. If you know that the doubt comes from a family member you love, then what? Find a new family?

You can’t do that, but you can go to those who support you. I have friends and family who have always loved and supported me. I also have friends and family who have nothing positive to say about any of my business projects, even when they were undoubtedly successful. There is always something that you can find fault with and be negative.

Guess what? I stopped going to friends who didn’t support me and made sure to go to friends and family who did. What a concept. Go where you get the support you need.

This can be difficult when you are dealing with a spouse or parent from whom you want support and are just not there. It hurts and it stinks. But you are going to let their fears and negativity affect your dreams and goals. I hope you say, “Oh hell no!”

Surrounding ourselves with like-minded people is very important. If you’re a positive business person with dreams, goals, and aspirations, wouldn’t it make sense to be with other people like you? Absolutely!

Something happens when like-minded people hang out. Something happens to your confidence. Something is wrong with your goals. Is something the matter. When you are with other people who aspire and do amazing things, you see the possibilities and you will want to do those things too.

And the same thing happens when you date negative, closed-minded people; you can become one of them. There is an old saying, hang out with dogs with fleas, you will check for fleas.

Be careful who you turn to for support. We all need pats on the back. Find the support you need, surround yourself with like-minded people, and don’t let others put you off. Follow your heart and keep dreaming! And forget about the rest.

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